Season One of The Truth With BUAR

The story of Ruby Williams as told by her parents Lenny and Kate Williams.

There are some shocking reveals in this story which hit headlines in February 2020. We cannot let this happen again.


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Final Episode | Hair | The Ruby Williams Story THE TRUTH WITH BUAR

It’s the final part of our journey with The Williams family on Ruby’s story. We have learnt so much on this journey and thankful that they shared it with us. The issues for engagement and discussion that have come out of this story are several from knowing ourselves and being confident to be outspoken, to challenging the status quo, governance in schools and challenges parents face for the upkeep of children’s hair – we may not win it all today, but be still we will not! Join us in coming weeks on how we begin to tackle these issues. Subscribe, share, comment, leave us a review and send in any questions you may have. Resources: If you're wondering about being a governor please go to: Hampshire: https://www.hants.gov.uk/educationandlearning/governors General: https://www.gov.uk/become-school-college-governor Legal assistance for kids https://www.justforkidslaw.org Catch you on the next episode. Guests: Len and Kate Williams, Parents (Self-employed & Teacher respectively) Emmanuel Korboe, Teacher, Head of Department & Incoming Associate Assistant Head – Secondary School Michael Jordan, Chair of Governors – Primary School
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