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BUAR TUTES (Short Tutorials) To Help You Navigate Key Topics on Racism So That You Know The Truth.

Bullying in context

While you’re showing the behaviour of discrimination you cross into the behaviour of bullying. Bullying is a repeated behaviour that is intentional to hurt someone either emotionally or physically because of race, gender, religion, how they talk, look or their disability. Don’t think of bullying only as the physical violence stuff. That’s assault and it’s…

Prejudice And Stereotype

We’ve all been unfairly judged at some point in our lives and we’ve also done our fair share.  Prejudice is an unjustified, typically negative attitude toward an individual or group. This can often be what we call unconscious bias. We all have bias and its okay to admit you do but what’s more important is…

What is racism?

Racism, in recent years has become a topic that gets people either opening up or being fearful to. Increasingly, nonetheless, it is notable that open and honest discussion coupled with action is the answer and more is needed. Racism is a form of prejudice and or discrimination where we treat people differently because of their…

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