What is racism?

Racism, in recent years has become a topic that gets people either opening up or being fearful to.

Increasingly, nonetheless, it is notable that open and honest discussion coupled with action is the answer and more is needed.

Racism is a form of prejudice and or discrimination where we treat people differently because of their skin colour or culture.

What do we mean by culture?

  • Language
  • Religion


Linguistic discrimination or languages is simply the unfair treatment of people based on the use of language and associated speech characteristics including accent, vocabulary and syntax. We will automatically form judgement about a person’s status – be it it social, educational or financial based simply on language.


Religious discrimination is the unfair treatment of people owing to differing beliefs held about religion. This could happen anywhere. There is contention as to whether religion does in fact cause racism and some argue – it doesn’t. The question to ask is if racism is a form of prejudice and or discrimination, and a person makes judgement (prejudice) about muslims being terrorists, stopping employees from wearing religious jewellery like necklaces with cross pendants, or showing hostility against jewish people (anti-Semitism); is that not racism?

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